Our Company

40 Years of Experience

The family-owned Beauty Gems Group is an award-wining gem and jewelry manufacturer that has grown from a small business founded in 1964 to a global firm whose reputation today is second to none. A pioneer in Thailand's gem and jewelry industry and a member of all major international trade associations, Beauty Gems boasts clients around the globe who are attracted to high standards of quality, superior craftsmanship, and competitive prices.

The Beauty Gems factories are among the most advanced jewelry manufacturing plants in Asia. From here, products are developed for the world's best-known brands via state-of-the-art technology, consistently meeting our clients' exacting requirements and standards.

Despite the modernity of the plants, Beauty Gems is still very much in touch with the traditions inherent in crafting fine jewelry. Taking advantage of Thailand's strong culture of craftsmamship, the company employs highly-skilled artisans who create pieces of intricate beauty and design.

From mass-market accessories to high-end customer pieces, Beauty Gems offers the full spectrum of gem and jewelry products. This is a one-stop subcontractor: all jewelry sourcing, design, and manufacturing needs can be completed, on time and to exact specifications, by 3,000 talented experts and staff.

" Over 40 Years Our Experience "

Determination, Honesty, Service and Respect for Customers

" We are among the most advanced jewelry manufacturing plants in Asia. "