Possibility are Endless
excellent reputation

With over forty years of experience and a reputation for high standards, Beauty Gems provides a secure, tested means to quality manufacturing. Many of the world's best-known jewelry brands trust Beauty Gems with their subcontracting needs.

complete range of services

With extensive, in-house service teams, including gemstone sourcers and jewelry designers, Beauty Gems offers the full array of services to complete orders of any size. From design a one-off work of art to a complete line of value-priced jewelry, Beauty Gems can meet any need.

full-service team

Beauty Gems employs an award-wining team of over 3,000 experienced and talented staff. Dedicated teams of designer, administrative and customer service representative ensure that every facet of the customer experience is met with professional, personal service.

competitive prices

Utilising sourcing and manufacturing bases in Asia, Beauty Gems can produce top-quality products at extremely competitive prices. This translates into increased profits for our customers.

extensive product selection

Beauty Gems offers the full spectrum of gem and jewelry products: from high-end custom pieces to mass-market accessories, from silver to gold to platinum. Combing state-of-the-art manufacturing plants with hands-on guidance by expert craftsmen, Beauty Gems' products combine creativity and fine craftsmanship with accessible prices.

modern manufacturing

Four factories utilising state-of-the-art technology enable Beauty Gems to work quickly and efficiently, with a great amount of flexibility. Orders from just one to two custom pieces to
thousands of accessories can be fulfilled. But technology never replaces art: Beauty Gems makes a point of employing the finest jewelry-makers available in order to ensure all our items are created with skill and care.

total commitment

Beauty Gems has a global reputation for delivering quality and consistency across the globe. Orders are delivered on schedule. Clients are treated with honesty and integrity.

Beauty Gems prides itself on personalized service, with a high regard for discretion.