Beauty Gems Fine Jewellery Celebrates 45 Years
It may surprise many that one of the World’s finest jewellery creators is located right here in Bangkok, Thailand. While Beauty Gems is one of the major global manufacturers of jewellery, the founder and his family also invest in creating some of the finest works in jewellery and one of a kind artistic creations available today.The work is truly astounding with a strong international influence the work maintains a serenity and beauty that is uniquely Thai.

Thailand’s great quantity of precious gemstones, combined with its strong culture of fine craftsmanship, has fostered a tradition of high-quality jewellery making. It is from this world-famous tradition that Beauty Gems has grown.For nearly four decades Beauty Gems has been committed to manufacturing top-quality gem and jewellery products for discerning clients all over the world.In addition to their business goals, the family also have a commitment to improving their social environment. Through programmes such as an in-house training school for aspiring jewelry designers, Beauty Gems makes a point of investing in the progress of their society.