Eva Peron Jewelry Found
Jewelry from the collection of Eva Peron, Argentina's former first lady, was found in a hotel room in Milan, Italy, security officials said.The $8.5 million worth of jewelry was discovered Wednesday in a room rented by members of a Serbian criminal organization, the Tanjug news agency reported Thursday."The persons who rented the room are on the run, and they are members of a criminal group from Serbia who lived outside Milan," Italian police official Antonino Bolognani said during a news conference.

Among the items found were diamond earrings, a diamond tiara and rings, Adnkronos International reported.According to UPI.com, police said the total collection, worth about $14 million, was stolen by Roma gypsies from a store in Valencia, Spain, in December 2009.Eva Peron, the second wife of Argentine Presdient Juan Peron, died of cancer in 1952. She was 33 years old. Her embalmed body was discovered in Milan after it disappeared following Juan Peron's overthrow in 1955. He fled to Spain and had her remains sent there.