Jewelry Theft Can Take the Sparkle Out of a Holiday
THERE is nothing like jewelry to brighten Christmas morning. But while these presents may have been wrapped and put under the tree with care, they are more likely to vanish this month and next than at any other time during the year.

According to the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, jewelry claims are 15 percent higher in December and January. (Claims are 8 percent higher than in February, despite the popularity of jewelry as Valentine’s Day gifts.)

“It’s not just theft; it’s mysterious disappearances as well,” said Janece White, vice president for Chubb, who specializes in underwriting jewelry.Nothing will turn that smile into a frown faster than the realization that a new — or prized — earring or bracelet is missing. And given the increase in prices for precious metals and stones, that loss could mean a significant financial as well as sentimental cost.Here are some ways to make sure that your gift survives the holidays — or is at least replaced at fair market value if it does not.