Jewelry Trends Winter 2011 Fashion News
In today’s cosmopolitan age, both men and women display a weakness for trendy jewellery. In this article we will focus on Jewelry Trends Winter 2011 and how the same can be imbibed in everyday life. Jewelry pieces are an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe and are easily her favorite accessory that she uses to jazz up any outfit. Though each of us has one or more classic jewelry pieces in our wardrobe, wearing them on a daily basis hardly inspires any sense of excitement.

To ensure that your look does not get stereotyped, it is important that you diversify your jewelry collection and include some in vogue pieces that can be paired with various outfits and worn on various occasions. If you like experimenting with different jewelry pieces, you will have great fun mixing and matching the jewelry trends for Fall/Winter 2011. Some of these are fashion 2011ed below.Go bold with statement jewelry that is available in bright colors and comprises mostly of chunky pieces. The keyword while choosing these pieces is that they should stand out rather than blend with the outfit. Go for extra-large bracelets, shiny danglers for ears, flashy necklaces.Metal jewelry has also made a splashy return on the fashion runways this winter. However, do not confuse this with classical pieces made of gold or silver. Instead go for jewelry pieces made of lightweight metals that are available in shiny white and yellowish hues. The structured pieces are a major hit as they look quite beautiful composition wise. However, you can also go for oversized metal jewelry available in angular and asymmetrical shapes.