One of the most exquisite pieces
  • the emerald buddha
  • the royal barge suphanahong

    The Royal Barge 'Suphanahong' (Golden Swan) decorated with precious stones and a golden swan figurehead. Recognised as one of the most exquisite pieces of Thai art, the Golden Swan Royal Barge is truly a masterpiece. It took 40 skilled craftsmen, 10 months to create this 1.10 replica of the actual Royal Barge. Every part is superbly replicated in breathtaking detail. This fine example of Thai craftsmanship at its best is now exhibited all over the world.

  • the royal barge naraisongsuban

    Created to pay loyal and humble respect to His Majesty the King Rama IX on the Golden Jubilee Celebration of his Majesties accession to the throne, the model of the Royal Barge.
    Naraisongsuban' was crafted in gold and precious stones by the Beauty Gem Group Co., Ltd. Painstakingly created in exquistie detail, the model is a faithful reproduction of this most famous and historical of royal barges.